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Bluehost, Inc. provides Web hosting solutions for businesses and individuals. The company, through its data centers, offers Web hosting services with various features for Website owners. The company was founded in 1996 and is based in Provo, Utah.

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BlueHost WordPress Might Be The Best Hosting Solution For Your Blog

It seems rather easy to start a blog, right? Well, let me tell you about my experience so that I help paint a clearer picture of the decision making process getting ready to start your own blog. First, do you need your own domain? I did, and that is why I faced the following dilemma. I didn’t know if I should start a blog through WordPress or pick a certain hosting company, buy the domain and then start the blog through a WordPress extension. Not only that, but I didn’t know which WordPress host I was going to need.

I ended up starting the site through a particular host that is very popular. However, it ended up being a website instead of a blog. I thought I was going to take that route. In hindsight, I’ve rethought the entire process because I’ve seen offers about Bluehost WordPress solutions. Blue Host is one of the popular hosting companies, and they don’t charge too much money. Reputation when it comes to a hosting company, however, is everything.

They do of course offer you a cheap shared server, but it’s a good one. I’d be surprised if you hadn’t at least heard of this company. I am not currently doing anything with the site that I had started, and I plan on cancelling it soon. What I do want to get started with however is a blog, taking a different angle, and I think Bluehost WordPress would be what I would choose.

Which hosting company do you use, or have you yet to select one? Maybe we’re in the same shoes, about to start a blog and wanting to pick a hosting company and a good domain. I think I saw hosting for less than five dollars a month available with this company.

Recent news stories on Bluehost

Bluehost Develops Open Source Script to Update Two Million WordPress Sites

Feb 11 16

Bluehost announced the development of a new script designed to continually update WordPress websites and increase site security. Bluehost’s code successfully updated more than 2.5 million WordPress sites on its platform and has been released to the open source community. After determining that a significant number of customers were running outdated versions of WordPress, Bluehost’s development team created a unique Perl script utilizing WP-CLI (WordPress-Command Line Interface) and custom code to update WordPress sites going back to version 1.0.2. Bluehost completed exhaustive tests and reviews to ensure the script resulted in minimal disruptions or site downtime. In this impressive undertaking, 99% of WordPress sites on Bluehost’s platform were upgraded successfully with fewer than 0.007% of customers reporting any issues. Since implementation, the company has seen a significant 18% reduction in technical support requests relating to WordPress. Bluehost has further implemented this new technology to continually update WordPress websites to ensure customers on its platform enjoy the security of an up-to-date WordPress site going forward.


Bluehost, Inc. Announces Executive Changes

Endurance International Group announced the appointment of Mike Olson as Brand Chief Executive Officer of Bluehost. Olson succeeds Dan Handy, who has joined Endurance’s enterprise-wide mobile team to develop next generation mobile solutions for small businesses. Olson will continue Bluehost’s “customer first” culture, building upon the company’s demonstrated commitment to open source and developing innovative technologies for its customers. Prior to joining Endurance, Olson was Vice President and General Manager of the Multi Dwelling Unit and Hotel Markets for DIRECTV.


Bluehost Launches Optimized Hosting for WordPress

Oct 8 14
Bluehost announced the launch of Optimized Hosting for WordPress. Built from the ground up on open source technology, the new solution promises WordPress users the convenience and cost-effectiveness of the cloud, with the power and speed of Bluehost’s revolutionary VPS platform (Virtual Private Servers). With over 1 million WordPress websites already installed, Bluehost has added a more powerful solution that enables customers to quickly create new blogs and websites that can scale as they grow in popularity. Designed and built to be as easy to use as the popular standard WordPress installation, Optimized Hosting for WordPress offers a solution for every user — ranging from basic blogger packages to full business enterprise solutions. Each offering features a custom WordPress-centric control panel with single-click installation of WordPress, and the ability to access multiple WordPress sites through one interface, making it a time saving solution for designers and developers who manage multiple websites. In addition to the support provided by Bluehost, Bluehost is also able to escalate support issues directly to Automattic (the parent company of through the technical services business partnership between the two companies. Additional Optimized Hosting for WordPress features include: Dedicated in-house support team of trained WordPress experts; SiteLock malware removal and network-level Web Application Firewall; Integrated, advanced Content Delivery Network (CDN); Customer configurable backups with separate backup storage; Integrated ManageWP interface with great time saving tools. The custom-designed architecture was engineered specifically for WordPress and includes integrated server-level caching for extreme speed, and instant provisioning, which means that new servers are available instantly to customers.

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