eHost Hosting is One of the Best

With more than fifteen years in the hosting industry, eHost is truly a Best of the Best when it comes to a web hosting provider. When it comes to budget friendly options, eHost is second to none. But they don’t stop there. You get everything you need with this top provider. For one low price of $2.75 per month, you get a domain name and additional unlimited domains, cPanel, PayPal integration, site builder, 24/7 support, network monitoring, and a whole lot more. Sounds almost too good to be true for this low price, but it isn’t. The only downside that I see is that it may not be the best choice for really large websites. There is no VPS or dedicated solutions available. But for most of the readers here with small to medium sized sites, I recommend eHost.

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  1. Page loading speed is quite good

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