Hostgator vs Bluehost – Which One Is Better?

Buying web hosting can be tricky, especially when you are a beginner in online marketing. There are so many providers available, that choosing the best one can be a real challenge. Although many of these providers have their share of happy customers, a few big companies host the bulk of the small websites. In this post, we will discuss two of these such companies and compare them head to head.

In a direct Hostgator vs Bluehost comparison there would be no real winner, as both of them offer reliable services to millions of customers. Maybe a better way to put it would be that there would be no real loser. Both companies are two of the best providers. Nonetheless, there are a few differences between the two giants of the web hosting world. The prices are similar, but their structure is different. While Hostgator sells several packages, Bluehost offers one single package, the difference being made by the length of the contract. When you sign up with them for three years and you pay for the services in advance, you can enjoy prices that are lower than the ones offered by Hostgator. However, not everyone is willing to pay for three years of web hosting in advance, as they don’t know whether they are going to be happy or not. Besides, some of them fear their websites may not last that long on the market, so they wouldn’t like to spend so much money in advance for services they aren’t sure they are going to need for so long. Others can’t afford to pay such a big amount at once, even though they hope their online business is going to thrive or at least to grow steadily over time.

If you want, you can make a Hostgator vs Bluehost comparison by yourself. You should start by visiting the websites of the two providers and make a note of all services and features they offer. Once you have your list, you should go ahead and search for some online reviews, as the user experience is what matters most. The most advanced features in the world are worth nothing if your website is offline several minutes or hours every week. Features are good, but you have to make sure the web hosting provider delivers the high quality they promised you when you signed up with them. Such things can be discovered only via reviews written by other users, so this kind of research is a must. You want your website to grow organically without having to fear it is going to stop working if you have a traffic spike. Here are the links to these two top hosting providers.



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  1. Jody Flores says:

    I don’t know about Bluehost but i have Hostgator and I get really frustrated as the server is always going down and i loose customers. I contacted the customer service and they said when their servers are down they are doing maintenance work on the serve. They must be doing maintenance a lot because every time i turn around it’s throwing up a 503 or 505 error and my customers can’t reach my site. Frustrated with HostGator!

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